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Mr Kwila Outdoor Furniture is the finest manufacturer of kwila furniture on the planet. Kwila is a tropical hardwood, which is found through Northern Australia, South East Asia and the South Pacific region. Kwila’s stability and natural resistance to splitting gives the opportunity to provide furniture which can permanently remain outdoors in all types of harsh climates. The Australian Department of Primary Industries gives Kwila a “Rating One” which is the highest standard of suitability for timber outdoor furniture.
For many years Kwila has been used for boat building, flooring, decking, marine jetties, mine timber and staircases. It is only in more recent times that Kwila has been used for furniture because the very hardness of the wood made it difficult to manufacture without specialist machinery. The abundant natural oil in Kwila is the feature of the timber, which makes it so durable in comparison to other timber commonly used for the manufacture of outdoor furniture. It has minimal shrinkage and can withstand extremes of climate even salt water.
The Kwila used for this range of outdoor furniture is sourced from the environmentally friendly managed forest areas of Papua New Guinea.
The furniture is manufactured in Papua New Guinea by one of the largest and respected companies that was founded over 40 years ago by Sir Robert Sinclair Kt. Sir Robert is still the resident Managing Director of Mr Kwila.
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